This Magic Time is a chance for you to perceive it, to live it...and do not let it go.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

This time for me is especially about that tranquility and magic spreading around us with a grace.

I honestly enjoy this atmosphere with all decorations, lights and quite significant time spent in the kitchen to bring the most of this time into our home and tune up the soundtrack of our mind, the happiness, into the high vibration. This Christmas time is really close to my soul.I don't believe that we should be ''kind'' and ''nice'' only because it's Christmas, what you can be listened in many songs of this season. We should use this time to see what our existence is really about. Me and my husband have decided not to buy any presents for each other, since we want to bring the realness of this precious time into our life not using the materialistic items which ''joy effect'' is just temporary. You get the present, but the effect of the real happiness will not last. The real happiness reflect how yo