Just kind of ''panda'' for you, only for you, Martin.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Why panda? Only Martin knows why panda. Panda means ''sranda'' ( = Martin's translation of the english word ''fun'' in Slovak language :), and that's exactly the reason why I am writing this.

Remind you how panda this life can be and why.

We are the creators of the panda in our life. Together with the people who cross our way.

Why? Because we choose them.Cultivating the right energy within yourself, you always attract the right people around you. But it doesn't mean our way will not be tilted by haters or ''suckers'', who are just seeking the benefits of your energy and the preciousness of your soul, which is attractive for them from the obvious reason. But let them just simply be.

People turn up in your life for some reason. There is always the reason. If you're strong believer of